Chasing the Sublime short film

Chasing the Sublime is a mesmeric look at why adventurers adventure, and swimmers swim. Shot in Loch Hourn, Scotland, in 2018, the film documents the swimming adventures of Kate Rew and Kari Furre of the Outdoor Swimming Society. ...more


Zookeepers at a popular Devon tourist attraction are providing swimming lessons for a tiny seal pup.

The 10-week-old South American seal pup, hand reared by keepers when her mother was unable to produce milk, has dipped her toes - or in this case her flippers – into the water for the first time at Torquay’s Living Coasts Zoo & Aquarium.

Saved from certain death by a diet of around-the-clock fish ‘smoothies’ – a mix of double cream, fish puree, vitamins and minerals – surrogate parent Libor Mach has cared for the as-yet-unnamed youngster since she was separated from her mother at only a few days old.

As part of his parental duties senior keeper Mr Mach takes an hour-long daily swim with the adorable pup. ...more

Scylla Reef's 10th Anniversary

A former Royal Navy frigate is celebrating its 10th anniversary – as an underwater attraction for scuba divers. HMS Scylla, a former Leander-class Royal Navy frigate became the UK’s first-ever artificial reef when it was scuttled off the coast of Cornwall on 27th March 2004. Now a decade later, this pioneering man-made shipwreck has become a haven for marine life, a must-see attraction for scuba divers the world over and provided a multi-million pound boost for the local economy. ...more

Diving in Croatia

Croatia is home to a comprehensive array of dive sites, including wrecks dating from 200AD to the Second World War. First and foremost among these is the wreck of the Baron Gautsch..... ...more

Behind the scenes look at filming of 'To The Sea.'

The Diving & Marine Services team in action filming "To The Sea" - a short feature film due for release later this year.
The story concerns a young girl who after her father is lost at sea borrows a fishing boat in an effort to search for him.... ...more

18th century Dutch wreck uncovered

A team of amateur treasure-hunters believe they have found the missing link between the remains of a Dutch merchant vessel wrecked off the south coast of England in 1721, and a rare Samurai sword forged over three centuries ago in Japan.

See the News section for the full story. ...more

Lobster release

Nearly 1000 juvenile lobsters were released off Plymouth Sound by divers as part of a scheme run by the National Lobster Hatchery. ...more

Ray - A Life Underwater

Ray Ives, 75 has been scouring the seabed for anything which glittered - even gold- his whole life. His extraordinary collection of dive gear and treasures salvaged across his lifetime has now become the subject for a new film. ...more

Turtle's 330 mile trip for MRI scan

Snorkel, the National Marine Aquarium's resident turtle completed a 300 mile round trip to Cheltenham to undergo an MRI brain scan to investigate the cause of her epilepsy. ...more

Living Coasts Penguin Diving Experience

Diving with penguins at Torquay's Living Coasts ...more

The National Marine Aquarium's newly refurbished Eddystone Reef exhibit

NMA divers check out the progress of their newly-themed Eddystone Reef exhibit for the first time. ...more

360 degree camera

Underwater filmmaker Dan Burton roadtests his prototype 360 degree camera housing at the National Marine aquarium. ...more