Stop Loans Sharks Campaign Launch

Plymouth City Council and the National Marine Aquarium are joining forces to tackle the issue of loan sharks in the city.

The Council launched its loan shark awareness campaign with National Marine Aquarium and the National Illegal Money Lending Team.

The ‘Say No to Fishy Finance’ campaign aims to warn local people of the dangers of using loan sharks and being made aware of the alternatives. The local initiative is also being backed by the national Illegal Money Lending Team.

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Cabinet Member for Cooperatives, Housing and Community Safety for Plymouth City Council, said: “Here in Plymouth we love sharks (of the finned variety) and you can meet some of them at the world class National Marine Aquarium – a top day out for people of all ages.

“But one type of shark that is definitely not welcome in Plymouth is loan sharks, and both the Aquarium and the Council are working together to raise awareness of alternatives.

“So we want the people of Plymouth to join our campaign and Say No to Fishy Finance.

“Credit Unions are a great way to both save and borrow money in an affordable way and without the high interest rates and crippling debts that make life unaffordable for many people.”

Dr David Gibson, Managing Director of the National Marine Aquarium, said: “We are pleased to support this campaign which raises awareness of a very important issue.

“We know that many people are struggling financially and it can be tempting to resort to all sorts of means to pay the bills.

“Our message is if you’re drowning in debt, don’t swim with the loan sharks – there are alternatives available in Plymouth.

Tony Quigley Head of the Illegal Money Lending Team with the National Stop Loan Sharks project said: “Illegal money lending is a crime and will not be tolerated. Loan sharks often prey on vulnerable people, leaving them in misery and fear and with very little to get by on. If anyone is a victim of a loan shark, or knows of someone who is, we would urge you to speak to us in confidence, as we can help. Our hotline number is 0300 555 2222.”

To find out more about the campaign, go to or visit Plymouth City Council (Official) facebook page or @plymouthcc on twitter and search #fishyfinance