Turtle's 300 mile journey for MRI scan

A 25 year old epileptic turtle is recovering after a 300 mile round trip from her home at the National Marine Aquarium to undergo an MRI scan to identify the cause of her health problems.
Snorkel is loaded into a container for the journey. © Neil Hope/
Snorkel, a 25 year old loggerhead turtle washed up on a Cornish beach in 1990 has returned to her home at Plymouth's National Marine Aquarium after a 300 mile round trip to Cheltenham for an MRI scan.

Weighing over 71kg and 1.5m long the female turtle who is unable to be released into the wild due to an epilleptic condition was lifted from her tank at the NMA and smeared with petroleum jelly to prevent her skin from drying out, then transported inside a padded container for the journey.

James Wright, Senior Biologist said:

"Early indications are that she does not have a brain tumour but or vet is taking the results to a specialist radiologist so we should know for sure soon. All in all it's positive news."

Snorkel, a firm favourite with aquarium visitors is currently in a holding tank to allow her to recover from the trip and will be back on display from Monday July 4th.